Jamaica Fire Water, St Thomas

22 Apr 2022

⁣I set off with my cousin and a friend and we found our way to the site without any difficulty in Windsor, St. Ann's Bay. Yes, the surrounding track over rough rugged terrain begs to be renovated as a community project; however, once under the power and spiritual awakening as one relaxes in the water and is gripped by the tingling pulsation of the healing waters vibratory frequency you quickly lose memory of the turbulence to the site and begs to continue this enamored sensation with the ebb and flow of the water from deep within the belly of 'Mother Earth'. No doubt, if you journey with the expectation of obtaining a miraculous fix to any internal ailment you will very well not benefit from this experience as nature has no quick fix irregardless of any promise made to the contrary by anyone; however, if you are able to open yourself to the tremendous spiritual healing that can only result from consecutive repeat visits of a week or more no doubt you might leave with a higher spiritual awakening and witness the start of optimal healing that continues therefrom. I visited the waters for seven (7) days after observing the improvement of my failing sight which continued to improve with each visit with an increased release of mucous from my eyes that at first was actually 'scary'; however, I realized with each visit I was only witnessing the healing power of 'Nature's Gift' to my sight and body. My one regret is that I had not discovered this 'divine' natural gift from earlier to have visited for at a minimum 21 days without interruption each morning. I am back in the States where the therapeutic healing of the pain to my wrist and ankle sustained from a severe fall continues to be almost all gone; except with any great twisting of the wrist; however, I continue to be pain free otherwise unlike prior to experiencing Nature's Gift of 'Firewater'.

My experience and daily encounters with Keven and Police were extremely a great one and I was never pressured once whenever I was asked to participate in a massage which I only accepted once during my seven visits to the site. I openly witness Kevin sharing the facility to young and old from the immediate area free of charge and would like to see the power of community organization to beautify the area for the benefit of the entire community as truly this is a remarkable divine gift from 'nature' that ought to benefit the community and preserved for posterity for generations to come; however, only if organized and developed through community efforts. Do bring lots of 'natural body' conditioner as the mineral content of the water is extremely high and will require daily moisturizing if you visit for several days as I did for prolong periods beyond 15 minutes.

I will definitely be back next visit to my beautiful homeland and have been spreading the word of this natural and divine gift to us situated in a rural village area of Windsor, St. Ann's Bay. It truly is not hidden as it is not far from the main highway once you get off at the St. Ann's Bay exit. Please give yourself a treat for a minimum immersion for wellness purpose of at least 30 minutes. I would immerse my head in its entirety beneath the flames just immediately above the source of the water into the bath with my eyes opened wide as the water bathe them. It only burn a bit for the first few seconds for me and thereafter my eyes adjusted as I would come up for air and immerse my head several more times to bathe my eyes, wrist or ankle at the source. I will definitely take my bath cap the next trip as luckily I have 'locs' and so wasn't too concern with my hair being wet; however, I did get much sand in my head from being so close to the bottom.

A word of caution again, if one is open to receive healing, if that's the purpose of your visit, please remember that healing can only come when the conduits are open and the pathway is made clear to do so without any false expectation of 'quick-fix'. Nature will heal in her own time once one is willing to put the effort and work to obtain optimal wellness through consistency and patience. Then and only then will you begin to witness the healing power from her divine healing waters. I marvel as I welcome each new day and give thanks with gratitude that I continue to remain pain-free and witness my eyes, wrist and ankle increase in strength. This I can unequivocally attribute to the healing power of Nature's Firewater in Windsor, St. Ann's Bay. Asante Sana one and all who shared in this experience with me until the next time. I don't use mobile devices and so the friends with whom I initially visited took pictures that I have not yet gotten copies of since returning to the States; but, trust me, it's like nothing I have ever experienced in a total body, mind and spirit rejuvenation.

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