About us

Enjoy the Jamaican experience on Pepa tv!


Pepa Tv is a segment of PepaSocial, the "Jamaican social network".

Focusing on the video aspect of the website. with our exellent content management system, users generate video content for your enjoyment.

It works as part of the main website but also work as a standalone website
with its own domain, features and purpose.
The mission is to provide you with all Jamaican videos all the time!,
boasting a wide variety of up-to-date media including news, Sports, Movies, Funny Videos Vlogging and more.

Available internal links will take you from one website to the next with integrated login buton, therefore you can sign up for PepaSocial and log in to pepa tv with just a click of the pepa social login icon . Facebook login is also available.
So enjoy the videos provided, like comment & share or you can sign up and be apart of the Pepa Tv community and provide us with your own unique Jamaican video.